Not from here

   She hadn’t come inside. She had been startled, and looked inside, pale face, marked by that kind of medicine, some of the girls do that to be white, and bronzed hair, but then she’d run on. One glance and I’d had some idea about her, don’t ask me how I do that, it doesn’t always work. She’d had some element of uncertainty, a tentative need. She wasn’t hard like the people around here, unworn by the elements. I was going to say perfunctory education too, but that might be stretching my powers. It was just an impression.
   And that was just minutes ago.
  “The water did this?”
   Like they’re going to tell me. Crouching man shrugs. Picks at a powdery rock by his feet. “And you know her,” I point at the skinny man. The other man laughs. What am I getting from these men now? All skinny man does is hug himself. “Too cold,” he says. “I’m going first.”
  “Hold your goddamned ground!”
  “It is my ground, gate guard.”
   But he stays.
   I turn on the others. “Well?”
  “Who has to listen to you, foreigner?”
   So that’s what I’m getting. And these other two are fascinated.
   And I don’t see this, but they tell me later that she lifted a knee just then. Could have been the water moving.
   I did hear her cough though.