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   I don’t know what she’s becoming but it’s not what she was. I’m going to hazard a guess here – and I warn you, this is where things get really… unhelpful – but she is dead. The body is. And I’m going to say that’s her, because that’s what I interact with.
   No wait…
   Thanks bud.
   No, okay, because you can speak to me, and the sound comes from… you, over there on the bed – no, fuck, changed my mind – it comes from you over there on the bed. Your voice is not in my mind. That’s not how it works!
   She laughs a long time. I feel it more than hear. Like those random shocks a person will get sometimes that make your limbs twitch, except on and on.

   I have to find food soon. All the powers in the world don’t mean shit when you don’t know how a can of beans is made. I’d told her I knew how meals were cooked. I’d seen it everywhere, hadn’t I? Small restaurants where a man would stir ingredients over a charcoal fire.
   And that hadn’t gone well at all.