Atonement with The Father 2

   What are you doing here, is all I can think to say.
   Yeah, is what she says. But what are you doing here?
   He sighs. The humans, he says, are mutating. Happens every time. Faster and faster of late. But we’re here now. Got it?
   No! I all but bellow. I can’t help the hysteria.
   No, he says. Well, we’ll help you along. He draws a revolver. Just keep calm.
   But I spoke to you, I say, grasping, looking down the barrel.
   You did?
   No, I say. No, your secretary. But I wanted to speak to you.
   He raises his eyebrows.
   Yeah, yesterday. You were, in a meeting, she said. In the capital. Yesterday. I’m babbling.
   He shrugs. Recenters his aim.
   This is not like you at all, I say.

The Call Refused

  “Hell no,” I says.
   I grabs up me banger and that was to be that but you know when you stabs someone and they’re all abouts the keeping its to themselves?
  “Look,” I says. “We don’t even know each other.”
   I keep on with the explaining for a few more goes. Each one sounding more plausible to me, but it’s like I’m sticking myself now so after a while I calls a halt to that malarkey. It’s dark out already and the street lights are inadequate.
  “I’ll see you later,” I says.
  “Sure,” she says, and sets off into the shadow.
   I didn’t, as it happened, and wouldn’t, do that thing. I wouldn’t see her again.