Freedom to Live

   We have some time. I have some questions. We keep walking.
  “So you can stop time?” I say.
   She throws up her hands. “No!” she says. “No one can.”
  “Well what the hell then?”
  “Yes, the hell.”
   I bound the gash in my forearm. I’d like to keep my mind off that fact. “Come on, hell? Hell? Seriously?” She doesn’t answer. We trudge on. The grey landscape could be hell. “Was that you?” I say. “Just now. Was that you, stopping time? Talk to me! I can see your ass moving, I can see this damn mist, and this is a whole lot of weeds and shit to be walking through, tell me some damn thing!”
  “Would you know?”she says. Turns her head.
  “Would I know what?”
  “If I did.”
   She stops suddenly. I wind up a little too close before I realise. “If you did what?” She puts her elbow to my chest and shoves me back a step. “If I stopped time,” she says. “And hush now sweetie. There’s people up ahead.”
  “`Hush’ now?” I whisper.